While so many of us are on ‘lockdown’ we thought we’d invite you to a Reunion with a Difference.

 Last month after we cancelled the renowned Chandos Singapore Schools Reunion we thought what a shame. So, we launched an impromptu reunion in the Ex Far East Brit Brats group which scores of you ‘attended’. Probably far more than we could ever fit into the Chandos!

 Here is your Invitation to the First Ex Far East Brit Brats Virtual Reunion to be held in Virtual Singapore on Saturday 25th April 2020 from 10am to any time you like from the comfort of your own armchair.

 (If you’re not already a group member now is the time to join the group. Simply -  Apply to Join – Answer in FULL the three or four questions and, if you meet the criteria you’ll be admitted. Any that don’t will be ignored.)

 All members are invited including those who lived elsewhere other than Singapore. You can join in by sharing photos of yourselves and friends enjoying Singapore either back then or more recently or by commenting on someone’s photo or memory or by ‘liking etc.’ what they have to say.

 We know it’s not easy but please try to stay on topic and within group rules. If you want a separate conversation you can always arrange for that ‘out of school’ or via a private message.

 If you’ve been unable to make a Reunion in the past let this be a taster of what to expect post virus. 

 So, get sorting your favourite photos of then and/or now and a brief description, e.g. when? where? who? (tagged faces are good). Stand by to be astounded by the number of shared memories and ghosts from your past.


 As usual we’ll be taking Afternoon Tea at The Raffles Hotel and a Singapore Sling in The Long Bar. (Dress code optional just this once). Then a trip to Chinatown for some makan.

 If you’re planning on joining us just tick the box.


 I am sharing this with St John’s School. If you’re a member (or admin) of another Far East SCHOOL group please feel free to share it with them. (e.g. Seletar, Changi, Bourne, Kinloss, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc.) 

 And if this reunion is a success and the virus continues we’ll be hosting subsequent reunions on the last Saturday of each month until we get the all clear. 

 As we have the whole world to choose from we’ll be having somewhere else to visit. Hong Kong – Penang/Malaysia, Australia/New Zealand/USA/ as well as other reunion locations wherever they’re held. 

 If you like the idea join us. If you just want to drop in just drop in. And if you want your old pals to join you, let them know.

And if the Antipodeans want to start before us please do.

 If you haven’t already registered for reunion updates or member lists please drop a line to Lynne Copping with a brief resume on why you might be included at


 See you soon (virtually)?