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School Plays - page 2


PDF file of a programme for the play 'She Stoops To Conquer' performed by St. Johns School Players (teaching staff) in March 1966

An Acrobat Reader is free to download at www.adobe.com 


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Thanks to Anna Googan for allowing me to scan her copy of a programme of the play 'Ten Little Niggers' by Agatha Christie, which was performed by the teachers of St. John's School in April 1968.

Front Cover


The Author

Jeff Harris, Lesley Pover and Tony Sharp.

Pauline Booth, Leslie Rhodes and David Long.

Alan Williams, Brian Williams and Rosemary Rogers.


Cast - continued

Norman Daniels and Bob Brown.

St John's School - An Inspector Calls.  I'm not sure when this play was performed, so if anybody has any further details please get in touch.


Forward by  P. K. Gaskell

Cast photos

Cast and Production Staff List

Two short plays performed at St. John's - "Christmas In The Market Place" and "A Phoenix To Frequent" again I'm not sure when these were performed.


Cast List for "Christmas In The Market Place"

Cast List for "A Phoenix To Frequent"

Production Staff List

St John's School - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Cast and Production List


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