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Singapore Revisited 7


Home Page

Page 1 - Jane Radford

return visit to Singapore

Page 2 - Jane Radford

includes Canada Road

Page 3 - Jane Radford

includes Kuala Lumpur

Page 4 - Roger Thomas

includes Portsdown Road

Page 5 - John Harper

Chinese New Year

Page 6 - Dave Papworth

Ford Factory Museum

Page 7- Dave Papworth

General Singapore Scenes

Page 8 - Dave Papworth

Night Scenes, River trip

Page 9 - Dave Papworth

Tiger Balm Gardens

Page 10 - Dave Papworth

Ten Courts of Hell

Page 11 - Lynne Copping

includes two photos of former St. Johns School.

Page 12 - Sue Dorrington

Flooded Orchard Rd. 2010

Page 13 - Paul Hockey

March 2010

Page 14 - Leslie Rutledge


Second page of photos from Dave Papworth visit to Singapore in September 2006

General scenes of Singapore

This photo is me (Dave P) standing in the grounds of Far East Mansions at roughly the same spot as one of my earlier ones taken in the sixties, that can be seen on this site

This ground floor flat at Far East Mansions used to be the families club for the forces residents in the sixties

Sadly far east mansions was demolished in July 2007 to make way for newer taller flats.

This Far East Mansion’s flat (just above that in red) was my old family home in the sixties

This is Kim Yam Road just outside Far East Mansions looking down towards the River. The area on the right used to be a large Kampong with a Michelin tyre factory next door.  The tyre factory was a former WWII POW Camp

Sri Marimann Hindu Temple in Southbridge Road (China Town)

These are some old bank buildings I came across in the now very modern Clarke Quay area that had somehow overlooked the bulldozers, a section of the old road can also be seen along side

A section of the ornate inner roof of the Sri Marimann Temple

Night time in Temple Street, China Town, (I had a nice Satay dinner from the stall with the red and yellow sign)

This amusing poster was in a gents loo at Sentosa

This shop in Smith Street, China Town sold mainly paper goods, e.g. hell bank notes for burning to the hungry ghosts.  The locals clearly move with the times, just above the archway you can see a laptop!

Southbridge road with the Sri Marimann Temple and the China Town area on the left

This is my wife standing in what is now New Bugis Street

Another photo of the Bugis Street area, also showing the original Street now a market, (and much cleaned up from what is was in the sixties)

CK Tangs, Orchard Road, I was told the new store was built on the site of the old

Tangs Market on the lower floor

A Moon Festival lantern and cake seller in Smith Street, China Town

Chit Chats on a wall taken opposite the Sri Marimann temple

A replica of the Changi Jail Chapel that was built by allied POW’s in WWII

The coastal area of Pasir Ris, this didn’t appeared to have changed much

This plant, nicknamed “touch me not” has leaves which folded up when touched, I found these at Pasir Ris

Photo taken at Pasir Ris looking across the bay towards Pulau Ubin

A Jack Fruit I came across at Pasir Ris MRT

This colourful building is the Singapore Ministry of Arts

Sign that was on an MRT train, note that the authorities have yet decided on just what the fine should be for carrying durian on their trains

Wing Seong Fatty’s in Albert Street (near Bugis), apparently this place was a very popular food stall run by the present owners father back in the sixties

Bugis Street at night, Suntec city buildings can be seen in the background

Inside Bugis Street Market at night

Pagoda Street China Town, this structure has been built over the original street and forms part of a bridge running over the main road alongside.  The escalators go down directly to China Town MRT station

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