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Biography My dad worked with the MOD at RNAD Beith (Ayrshire) for a year and then was posted to Singapore in July 1967. I was 4 years old. We flew by plane from Brize Norton and when we arrived were met at the airport by my parents' friends Blanche and Ron Mould who had also lived in Beith before being posted. Ron had been in the RAF and had been in Singapore before (living in Changi) We lived in a guest house in Johore Bahru for a few weeks until we were allocated a house in Jalan Malu Malu where we stayed for a year. We then moved to temporary accomodation in Hobart Road and then to 341 Dahan Road in 1968 where we stayed until we left in July 1970. We travelled home on a Dutch cargo boat called the Banda. The journey took a month. We landed in Rotterdam and travelled to the Hoek of Holland for a ferry to Britain. We stayed with my grandparents in Fife then in a hotel in Kilbirnie (Ayrshire) until we were allocated a house in Beith (Ayrshire).
I attended nursery in Singapore somewhere near Dahan Road then went to the RN school in the base. I went to ballet lessons and played badminton along with my parents who played in the Naval base and at the Singapore Swimming Club.
My favourite memories are going to the amahs' market, going on Banyans, swimming in the dockyard pool, having a milkshake at the Cold Store, visiting the Botanical Gardens and eating rambutans.
My dad took his driving test in Singapore and every weekend we went out and about in the car touring the island. We travelled up Malaysia visiting Malacca, Kuantan, Seremban. the Fraser's Hills, the Batu Caves and Johore Bahru. My dad loved taking photos and over the last few months I have been digitalising them. My dad died in 1989 so I have relied on my mum (aged 86) and the internet to locate places in the photos. There are a few places I can't identify and would be grateful for any help.
I had planned to return to Singapore in April 2020 (50 years after I left) but the global Covid pandemic meant that the trip was cancelled. I have vowed to return when it is safe to do so!
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