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Interests Driving; Line Dancing; Photography; Watching TV; Taking Life Easy.
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Biography Born in Walton, Liverpool. Joined Royal Marines at age seventeen and served 23 years, from 1947 until 1970. I served in various commando units and on board HMS Ceylon as well as six of those years in SBS. I also did a lot of those years in the Printing Branch including running the admiral's Printing Office in Singapore for two and a half years.

On becoming a civilian, I moved back to Liverpool because both my wife's and my own family were there. I managed a pub for twelve years before opening my own shop and eventually did a few other jobs in the printing trade.

I am now retired and love it... I don't know how I ever managed to go to work all those years. I am still in touch with a lot of my comrades from the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. I attend as many re-unions as I possibly can, but can't get to all the units re-unions as I served in too many and there would be no time left for anything else.

My wife Laura and I were in Singapore for two lots of two and a half years, so maybe someone will recognise the names and may even get in touch.

Tom (Bing) Crosbie
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