Memories of Singapore

Photos and Images submitted to the Memories of Singapore website

Mersing camping trip280 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. (L – R) Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Ken Collins, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey
Mersing camping trip245 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. (L – R) George Paul, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, Ken Collins
Mersing camping trip269 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. (L – R) Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, Ken Collins, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Dave Keech???, George Paul.
Mersing camping trip228 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. George Paul making the tea.
Mersing camping trip233 viewsMersing Nov. 1966.Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon and Ken Collins break camp.
Mersing camping trip229 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. ‘Spud’ Leavey’s dad’s BMW. It got six of us from Singapore to Mersing and back.
Mersing camping trip226 viewsMersing camping trip Nov. 1966. ‘Spud’ Leavey checks over the car before the return drive to Singapore
Looking up at Kent Ridge261 viewsLooking up at Kent Ridge from the front garden of 17 Prince George’s Park. I used to climb up there to my mate Michael Clarke’s house. Saved about a mile walking!!
Hall and Arts Block right background281 views
School Hall270 viewsSchool Hall from vicinity of Tuck Shop and Prefect’s Room. At this spot was where I first listened to The Byrds Mr Tambourine Man in July 1965 - now a McGuinn fan for life
School Hall256 viewsAnother view of the School Hall
School Hall roof230 viewsNow used as the Logo for the Memories of Singapore website.
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