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Rick Faulkner & Sally Green at Jason's Bay215 views1 comments08/08/21 am31 11:12Roger: Where are they now Roger
74 views1 comments12/12/20 am31 03:12gerilim: Boat Quay
Wisma Indonesia- Indonesian Embassy41 views1 comments12/11/20 pm31 18:30gerilim: Wisma Indonesia (now demolished) on Orchard Rd. (o...
War Memorial, Kranji322 viewsInside the War Memorial, Kranji1 comments12/11/20 pm31 17:52gerilim: I think this is the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Bukit Batok TV tower47 views1 comments11/26/20 pm30 14:54singas: Mount Faber
More Construction2992 viewsSingapore construction Goodwood Rd, Sussex Estate (across the road if I remember correctly)1 comments09/15/20 pm30 15:42singas: Bukit Timah hill in the background
2nd Netball Team 1966248 views2nd Netball Team 1966

Front row is Susan Haywayd, Diane and Wendy Haugh.
1 comments05/05/20 pm31 22:26Sandie Robinson: Top Row second from the left is me! Sandie Baker
Class photo 1969. (May be 1971)650 views1 comments12/31/19 pm31 14:30Richard Williams: Wessex Junior School
Class photo Wessex Junior 1970638 views1 comments12/31/19 pm31 14:08Richard Williams: I am 1st in from the right sitting on seat
The Ladybirds358 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments08/27/16 pm31 20:32singas: Mair Waters is holding the ball.
Bourne Class ?536 views1 comments01/17/16 pm31 12:01peterjmallory: Kevin Chinnery is front right, Lynn Balmer in cent...
Sally Green in Fashion Show at St John's310 views1 comments10/24/15 pm31 14:12Roger: Where is Sally Now :lol
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