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Phillip Cherrington171 viewsThey were in Singapore approximately 68-70. Phillip can’t remember the name of the school, but his brother thinks it was the Wessex School. Phil is the blonde lad, middle row at the left end. Any information on the photo would be much appreciated.1 comments09/12/21 at 08:22singas: Photo was taken in 1970. John Oliver has identifi...
Bukit Batok TV tower41 views1 comments11/26/20 at 16:54singas: Mount Faber
More Construction2983 viewsSingapore construction Goodwood Rd, Sussex Estate (across the road if I remember correctly)1 comments09/15/20 at 17:42singas: Bukit Timah hill in the background
The Ladybirds352 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments08/27/16 at 22:32singas: Mair Waters is holding the ball.
DFB Sembawang335 viewsYear taken unknown. The logo reads 1945 and DFB. I guess DFB stands for Defence Fire Brigade and 1945 the year of the opening of the station.2 comments05/11/15 at 10:58singas: As a member you can contact admin via the Home but...
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