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Last additions - Neil McCart
McCart family leaving Singapore on 30 October 1960 in the liner P&O SS Carthage.204 viewsDec 15, 2013
Jurong Road, Singapore 1958174 viewsDec 15, 2013
Ian and Sheila McCart at Tanglin Barracks Swimming Pool 253 viewsIan and Sheila McCart at Tanglin Barracks Swimming Pool (brother Ian remained a very determined non-swimmer, and he remains so today)Dec 15, 2013
Flooding on Bukit Timah Road junction Holland Road 1960158 viewsDec 15, 2013
The Cathay Building, Singapore, 1958170 viewsDec 15, 2013
Dad poses with the Vauxhall Velox157 viewsDad poses with the Vauxhall Velox (complete with column gear change).Dec 15, 2013
Dad in garden with twins, Ian and Sheila144 viewsDad in garden with twins, Ian and Sheila.Dec 15, 2013
Christmas Day 1959170 viewsChristmas Day 1959, on the patio of our bungalow at 35/4 Garlick Avenue. Left to right they are, Myself (Neil McCart), my brother Keith McCart, my brother Ian McCart and my sister Sheila McCart.Dec 15, 2013
Carol singing at RAF Tengah196 viewsCarol singing at RAF Tengah, believe Christmas 1959. Not sure of the venue inside baseDec 15, 2013
Mainly reluctant children from Garlick Avenue189 viewsMainly reluctant children from Garlick Avenue gathered in neighbour's house for carol singing, Christmas 1959Dec 15, 2013
Brother Ian pretending he owns a car 1960..172 viewsBrother Ian pretending he owns a car 1960..Dec 15, 2013
At the top of the drive160 viewsDec 15, 2013
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