Memories of Singapore

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Last additions - Neil McCart
170 viewsFather Mr E. McCart surrounded and almost buried by the four of us 1958/59Dec 15, 2013
185 viewsMother and brother Keith at British Military Hospital, Alexandra Barracks, for extraction of tonsilsDec 15, 2013
A handsome guy (Mk2)154 viewsDec 15, 2013
Yours truly posing in swimming togs 1958225 viewsDec 15, 2013
Our house in Singapore181 viewsOur house in Singapore. 35/4 Garlick Avenue, S'pore 10. (off Bukit Timah Road, opposite Race Course turning and then about 400 yards along Holland Road and turn left).Dec 15, 2013
our bungalow at 35/4 Garlick Avenue, S'pore 10181 viewsDec 15, 2013
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