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Nimble RN Dockyard Singapore Mid 60's189 viewsNimble RN Dockyard Singapore Mid 60'sDec 02, 2013
The SVSO Dance was dated December 1966221 viewsThe SVSO Dance was dated December 1966. Robert and Nancy Blyth are front on the left. My mum worked in the Victualling and Stores Offices in the Dockyard. Dad was an engineer on a tug called the Nimble.Dec 02, 2013
St Andrews Church Youth Club190 viewsSt Andrews Church Youth Club On HMS Eagle
Front row, second left is Jock Laidlaw, and back row first left is Bryan Allan.
Dec 02, 2013
St Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore185 viewsSt Andrews Church RN Naval Base SingaporeDec 02, 2013
St Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore187 viewsSt. Andrew’s Church shows the cover of what was the order of service for 18 December 1966. It was in this church that a childhood myth was shattered when my sister told me that Santa didn’t exist!Dec 02, 2013
St. Andrew’s Youth Club185 viewsSt. Andrew’s Youth Club has me and my sister seated front left with the Minister at the back and leader Ian on the leftDec 02, 2013
Spring Dale Fishing Pond174 viewsSpring Dale Fishing Pond shows Dad, Elaine and Me. I remember great big red ants that nipped used to walk along the railingsDec 02, 2013
Singapore Swimming Club Jan 65227 viewsSingapore Swimming Club Jan 65

Me and my sister in the smaller pool. As kids we loved the Singapore Swimming Club and the Dockyard Pool. After we returned to the UK we had some holidays in Scarborough but somehow, the open air pool in Scarborough just didn’t have the warm weather to go with it.
Dec 02, 2013
Playing in the Naval Base169 viewsPlaying in the Naval Base. I think a friend called Gordon Birnie had a birthday party that dayDec 02, 2013
Mum And Friends180 viewsMum And Friends

Left to right – Agnes Blyth is in the middle. Just look at that TV.
Dec 02, 2013
Party May 66177 viewsParty May 66

Left to right - ?, Bob Blyth, Doris, Linda, Jim Henry, Sheila Henry,?,? Agnes Blyth
Dec 02, 2013
Dockyard Swimming Club182 viewsSingapore Dockyard Swimming Club.

The older lady is thought to be Tom Young's Grandmother
Dec 02, 2013
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