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National Day 3rd June 196278 viewsFeb 22, 2021
The swimming pool at Changi298 viewsFeb 11, 2021
St Patrick’s Day 1964280 viewsFeb 11, 2021
295 viewsMy brother and I with mum, Peggy and I think a lady called Mrs HayesFeb 11, 2021
Official Opening of the new classroom120 viewsTaken on the same day, presumably the ‘official opening’ of the new classroom.
So sad that the names of the children are not written on the reverse but the back row, from the left as you look at it
Billy Ferguson, me, Edward Ferguson (holding ‘Baby’), Lorna Ferguson (my Aunt), Peggy Ferguson (my mother) and my father, Flt/Sgt W S Ferguson.
My father was awarded the BEM while in Singapore but I think it related to his work elsewhere.
Feb 11, 2021
Married quarters in Lloyd Leas – 24B Waddington Road94 viewsFeb 11, 2021
A youth club night in Changi96 viewsFeb 11, 2021
1964, my 14th birthday, with Mirel?90 viewsFeb 11, 2021
Telok Paku School 1951112 viewsMy late father, Edwin Soh Chuan Lam, early in his teaching career at Telok Paku Primary School, was paid a visit by an officer from RAF Changi in 1951, the year it opened. The school was closed to make way for the new Changi Airport.Feb 10, 2021
Singapore Vintage Grand Prix 1971 Changi 1574 TFF (pdf file)83 viewsRAF Changi 1574 TFF (Target Facilities Flight) Singapore Vintage Grand Prix Entry 1936 SS JAGUAR 8 – 11 April 1971Feb 09, 2021
1963 involved in building a classroom123 viewsIn this photo my father, Billy Ferguson (possibly called Paddy sometimes as we are from Northern Ireland) – he is standing centre of the back row wearing the white capFeb 08, 2021
1963 involved in building a classroom82 viewsMy father, Flt/Sgt W S Ferguson (Billy) and others including from the Provost Branch – RAF Military Police – were involved sometime around 1963 in building a classroom. As far as I recall it was a school or home for children with disabilities and it wasn’t too far from the Changi base. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place. I was a little involved as a 13 year old in volunteering to help with some of the children and I remember the matron in charge as being a lovely lady but that’s about it..... anyway here are a few of the photos I found related to there.....The matron is back row, 8th adult from the right. I’m Edward and I’m standing beside her to her left and to my left is my younger brother, BillyFeb 08, 2021
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