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My grandmother320 viewsMy grandmother, Ah Yong and my mother. Taken in the garden of 27 Merryn Road in January 1967 when my gran came out to stay for a month Oct 16, 2013
Gerry and myself294 viewsGerry and myself and two unnamed members of the form groupOct 16, 2013
Summer 1966313 views???, Gerry Hawkridge and Bejoy Moktan showing off in the form room - summer 1966Oct 16, 2013
Fraser & Neave288 viewsFraser & Neave Warehouse - 1964Oct 16, 2013
Fraser & Neave285 viewsSchool Trip to Fraser & Neave bottling plant - 1964Oct 16, 2013
Duke of Edinburgh’s visit302 viewsDuke of Edinburgh’s visit to St. John’s 1966Oct 16, 2013
Duke of Edinburgh’s visit351 viewsDuke of Edinburgh’s visit to St. John’s 1966Oct 16, 2013
Duke of Edinburgh’s visit364 viewsDuke of Edinburgh’s visit to St. John’s 1966 – his helicopterOct 16, 2013
Tiger Balm Gardens533 viewsMy mum, Doris, and brother Philip at Tiger Balm GardensOct 16, 2013
David Prosser337 viewsa part in Pretty Polly alongside Hayley Mills, when it was filmed in Singapore in 1966/7Oct 16, 2013
David Prosser341 viewsDavid Prosser, English teacher and my Form Tutor in Belvoir House while in Lower 6th. Gave up teaching for acting after…
Oct 16, 2013
Dave Keech350 viewsDave Keech. We used to play golf at the Dover Road course. He lived in the next road to Merryn RoadOct 16, 2013
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