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19th Nov 1969- Royal Naval School667 views19th Nov 1969- Royal Naval School- 2nd Year- Alastair Young sixth in from left back rowOct 16, 2013
Vera Nimmo and Jean Young341 viewsOct 16, 2013
Alan Mudge624 viewsSAC Al. Mudge Arm.Mech.(Bombs) August 1960.Oct 16, 2013
SAC Al. Mudge & Cpl. Tony Laurent555 viewsSAC Al. Mudge & Cpl. Tony Laurent. Kota Tinggi, Johore. 1963.Oct 16, 2013
RAF Tengah973 views1,000lb. HE bombs about to leave No.1X site for delivery to 45 Sqn. 1961Oct 16, 2013
RAF Tengah589 viewsGround crew air experience flight. No.64(F) Sqn. Javelin 9R. 1967Oct 16, 2013
RAF Tengah754 viewsBomb Dump Coolie labourers.Oct 16, 2013
Alan Cottrell391 viewsSelf (Alan Cottrell) and Angela Postles at Nikki McClure’s 16th birthday party – Island View Estate – July 1967. I believe Nikki is now a G.P. in Brecon, Wales.
Oct 16, 2013
Field Trip to Pulau Tioman – July 1967268 viewsMore of the return– no-one really recognisable except Mr. Jones (bending over)Oct 16, 2013
Field Trip to Pulau Tioman – July 1967278 viewsReturn to St. John’s from Tioman – Ella Leavey (Charles’ mum) in foreground. Also visible are Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Mr Jones??? Geography teacher directing operations, and George Paul.Oct 16, 2013
Field Trip to Pulau Tioman – July 1967246 viewsKen Wildon and Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon post our cards home watched by a local village boy. The post only went once a week and we arrived home before it did!!! Oct 16, 2013
Field Trip to Pulau Tioman – July 1967254 viewsPulau Tioman – The Village ShopOct 16, 2013
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