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Sergeants Mess277 viewsMay 18, 2014
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Table top in Sussex232 viewsWe viewed the fire from our home and I decided to rush to the scene and take a photograph of Table Top on Fire.May 18, 2014
Bourne Junior School365 viewsMy name is Kevin Galfskiy, not a lot of people know that ! I am on the far right in the middle row. It was my first day at school and it was not long before I entered Wessex Junior school. I do not remember anyone's name or the teacher's but maybe you do ?May 13, 2014
Rhinocerous ride at Tiger Balm Gardens237 viewsFrom left to right. Sean Armstrong. My brothers, James and Carl GalfskiyMay 12, 2014
Tiger Balm Gardens268 viewsFrom right to left. Kevin Galfskiy, Tracey Armstrong, Doreen Galfskiy, James Galfskiy, Sean Armstrong with his back towards the camera, Margaret Armstrong pointing towards Buddha and my brother Carl Galfskiy hiding underneath Margaret's arm. As a family we use to visit Tiger Balm Gardens regularly when we resided at Waverly Guest House, before my father Sergeant James Gilyard Galfskiy of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and my mother Teresa were allocated their army quarters situated at 22 Goodwood Road, Sussex Estate.May 12, 2014
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