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Sunderland at RAF Seletar246 viewsSunderland at RAF Seletar pre April 1959 (when disbanded)
RAF Seletar 1959232 viewsThe Sunderland work force at RAF Seletar 1959
Singapore 1956 - 1959262 viewsMy mother 2nd from left and father far right. My father was in the RAEC and my mother worked as secretary at an army school.
Carol singing at RAF Tengah217 viewsCarol singing at RAF Tengah, believe Christmas 1959. Not sure of the venue inside base
Mainly reluctant children from Garlick Avenue203 viewsMainly reluctant children from Garlick Avenue gathered in neighbour's house for carol singing, Christmas 1959
The Manstonettes334 viewsMartin Woodward sent this photo which was taken in 1959 at the RAF base in Changi in the scout hut which was on the perimeter of Changi airfield.

My father was stationed there from 1956/57/58/59, I was 13yrs old and lived in Manston road with my Mother Isobel.

While I was there, some friends who lived in the same road and I formed a group called the Manstonettes.

This photo shows me on the double base, next to me not known, and the three others were David and Colin Stocker with their younger brother Peter.

Does anyone remember the Manstonettes and the unknown guitarist?
Christmas Day 1959187 viewsChristmas Day 1959, on the patio of our bungalow at 35/4 Garlick Avenue. Left to right they are, Myself (Neil McCart), my brother Keith McCart, my brother Ian McCart and my sister Sheila McCart.
Family Forum Q1 1959174 viewsFamily Forum Q1 1959

Published by the Singapore Base District Garrison.
Family Forum - Editoral168 viewsFamily Forum - Editoral
Family Forum Q1 1959173 viewsFamily Forum Q1 1959

Information on Married Quarters including the construction Medway Park
Xmas party in Johore Bahru at the Government Guest House, 1959157 views
Xmas party in Johore Bahru at the Government Guest House, 1959133 views
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