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The Guardians of the courts of Hell 134 viewsThe Guardians of the courts of Hell
Guardians of the courts of Hell132 viewsGuardians of the courts of Hell
Bridge in to Hell and the courts132 viewsThose to be judged cross the bridge in to Hell and the courts
1st Court- King Qinguang123 views1st Court - King Qinguang conducts preliminary trials
2nd Court - King Chujiang138 viewsConmen, robbers, inflicting physical injury are thrown into a volcano pit
2nd Court - King Chujiang115 viewsProstitutes are thrown into a pool of blood and drowned
2nd Court - King Chujiang122 viewsFor corruption, stealing and gambling one is frozen into blocks of ice
3rd court - King Songdi124 viewsUngratefulness, disrespect to elders or escape from prison have their heart cut-out

Drug addiction & traffickers

Tomb robbers are tied to a red hot copper pillar and grilled
3rd court - King Songdi131 views
4th court - King Wuguan130 viewsFor tax dodging, a refusal to pay rent or commit business fraud results in being pounded by a stone mallet
4th court - King Wuguan129 viewsDisobedience to one's siblings or lack of filial piety results in being ground up by a large stone
5th court - King Yanluo118 viewsPlotting another's death for his property or money or money lenders with exorbitant interest rates results in being thrown onto a hill of knives
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