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1908 Cub Scouts191 views
30th Singapore RAF Tengah Cub Pack262 viewsSome of the 30th Singapore RAF Tengah Cub Pack on Empire Day 1955 outside the Tengah Primary School. We used to hold our meetings in the school hall on a Wednesday after school.
The boys from left to right are Barry Mc Williams, Brian Knight,Cliff Hilton, Ray Handley, Robert Taylor, Eddie Dore, Lawrence Taylor, Tom Herbert (whom I have had contact with), Chris Herbert, Harry Dempsey, Randall Hammond and Peter Brown.
Chief Scout Lord Maclean's visit to Singapore February 1971776 viewsI recently captured the old family 8mm Cine films - this is one of Chief Scout Lord Maclean's visit to Singapore February 1971 - the Cubs and Scouts put on a disaster relief scenario.
My brother is in there somewhere getting carried off, and my sister and myself are in there in the hand shaking scene.
I should have added that the stills were from 35mm slides.
Cub Scouts and Brownies at Hill 152190 views
Cub Scouts and Brownies at Hill 152192 views
Cub visit to the Fire Station165 views
David's mum at a Cub Scout Event157 views
David cooking at Hill 152 (Cub Scouts)158 views
David in Cub Scout uniform at flat157 views
Hill 152182 viewsHill 152 was in the NE of the island; an old saw mill was situated there and was a favourite place for the "Mansions" Cubs, Brownies, Guides and Scouts to go. Here we are learning to cook. (I am in the green shirt).
Serangoon Cub Scout173 views
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