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107 Wellington213 viewsOur house in the Naval Base opposite the Dockyard swimming pool, tennis courts & football pitch
East Coast Road409 viewsEast Coast Road. near SHELL Station at Tembeling Road
East Coast Road470 viewsEast Coast Road. near SHELL Station at Tembeling Road
97 Wellington Road213 views97 Wellington Road
97 Wellington Road199 views97 Wellington Road
Bob & Sheila Chesterman, Adam Darling & Wife217 views
Changi Juniors 1964401 viewsMy thanks to Wayne Killington, First right on the back row, whose father was with 41 squadron RNZAF. He thinks this photo was taken in late 1966 and that he was in standard 4, and that he was in one of class rooms in the background of photo. He was the only New Zealander in the class.

Julie Dunbar thinks that this is Class 2a1 outside what was their classroom. Julie is on the front row, second from right. Her best friend, Winifred was 4th from left on the front row.
circa1967 photo of Maria Googan189 viewscirca1967 photo of Maria Googan with their cook Amah outside their home in 109 Wellington Road, Singapore 27.
Dockyard Swimming Pool190 viewsThe pool can still be seen between Deptford road and Wellington road if you search for Admiralty Road East on Google Maps.
Fish Trap Dwelling142 views
Fuelling167 views
Bourne School - 1966235 viewsBourne School - 1966

Back Row - Splodge, Graham Wakeling, Dougie Dymond, Roy Dyball, Steven Vivien, Paul Starbuck, Ian Williams. Front Row - Kama Thapa, Gordon Thompson, Alan Sharp.
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