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107 Wellington213 viewsOur house in the Naval Base opposite the Dockyard swimming pool, tennis courts & football pitch
Achille Lauro158 viewsThe ship that was diverted from its normal Australia - Italy run to pick up a large contingent of Brit Families returning to the U.K. after exams on 30th July 1968 which left from the Liner Pier in the docks at Singapore. (not the location of this Lauro Line publicity photo)
Achille Party193 viewsA group of school kids who stayed on to take O & A levels in May/June 1968, The only people I can positively I.D. in the photo are far right Steve Edgecombe, third from right Anna Googan, fifth from right (boy side on) Cliff Andrews, plus far left a chap called Fred who was at RAF Changi School. The number of bottles on the table explain the quality of the photo.
Changi Padang174 viewsShot taken from back of Changi beach looking across the Padang.
Chargemans Bungalow177 viewsA picture which was passed to me by a friend, taken in the late 50's or early 60's in the Naval Base, we think this may have been the single men's quarters for unaccompanied chargemen
circa1967 photo of Maria Googan189 viewscirca1967 photo of Maria Googan with their cook Amah outside their home in 109 Wellington Road, Singapore 27.
A line up of dockyard wives dated 18 September 1967218 viewsA line up of dockyard wives dated 18 September 1967 taken by T K Lee of Lee Photo Studio, Admiralty Road West, HM Naval Base
Maria Googan (left) at the naval base club185 views Maria Googan (left) at the naval base club, poss aka the Britannia club?
Dockyard Club168 viewsThis was captioned " View from Dockyard Club" and would appear to be the view looking south.
Dockyard Pool180 viewsThis was the view from our house looking across to the Dockyard Swimming Pool.
Falkland Road169 viewsThis photo was not labelled, but we think it may be Falkland Road in the Naval Base, but if anyone can identify it, let me know.
Farewell Card160 viewsThe Invitation card for the combined Farewell Party for a whole group of Dockyardies including the parents of me, Julie Sugrue, and Anna Googan.
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