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Bus Stop in Chun Tin Road302 viewsThis photo was taken around 1963 in Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah. The Halfway House Nightclub and Restaurant is nearby. I also remember travelling on the Green Bus into Singapore City and back quite often.
Boats with Changi steps behind161 viewsBoats with Changi steps behind. Looking at the condition of these boats it looks like they were the same ones we used in 65.
TV Tower on top of Butik Batok Hill233 viewsTV Tower on top of Butik Batok Hill. This was a transmission station for TV broadcast throughout Singapore from 1963. Butik Batok is next to the old Ford Motor Company. The TV Tower was recently closed down this year (2006) by its owners.
Cameron Hotel297 viewsA 2006 photo of the Cameron Hotel, thanks to Peter Chan. It was popular with RAF personnel in transit to the UK after their engagement was over. Cameron Hotel is located at Guan Soon Avenue, off Upper Changi Road. Jeffery Abdullah adds, that this hotel is located very near to Simei Housing Estate. If you take the MRT, the station that you need to alight will be SIMEI MRT Stn and then its a walking distance cutting through the footpath next to the new condominiums and private houses.
The Manstonettes346 viewsMartin Woodward sent this photo which was taken in 1959 at the RAF base in Changi in the scout hut which was on the perimeter of Changi airfield.

My father was stationed there from 1956/57/58/59, I was 13yrs old and lived in Manston road with my Mother Isobel.

While I was there, some friends who lived in the same road and I formed a group called the Manstonettes.

This photo shows me on the double base, next to me not known, and the three others were David and Colin Stocker with their younger brother Peter.

Does anyone remember the Manstonettes and the unknown guitarist?
Changi Village. 1987147 views
Chip Bee Estate 1966414 viewsHere's a picture of Chip Bee Estate at Holland Village.
I am sure the familiar landmark of those red-bricked blocks will be in any Britbat Kid's memory. Below the blocks at Jalan Merah Saga and Taman Waran were the row of semi-detached, terraced houses and bungalows which were rented by British Army families. The row of bungalow houses in this photo fronted Holland Road. The hillock on the left of the photo is Kintyre Park Estate. The block of flats in the background is Commonwealth Drive at Queensway.
Cold Storage facing Orchard Road 1969319 views
Fitzpatrick Supermarket 1969298 views
Far East Communications Squadron - Circa 1955418 viewsMy thanks to Peter Hayler who is standing behind the back row. A Cpl Engine fitter at that time from 1954-1957. The far East Coms Sqn had a fleet of Valletta aircraft used for transporting people about the far East also a variety of aircraft for the pilots in desk jobs to keep their hand in at flying. The sqn was situated just off the Changi Road and a hundred yards or so before the village. We walked along Wittering Road to and from the mess and our barrack block which was next to the Malcolm Club. The other side of the Malcolm club was the Wraf Block.
Tong Sing141 viewsThis was the restaurant we used all the time in Changi.
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