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97 Wellington Road213 views97 Wellington Road
97 Wellington Road199 views97 Wellington Road
Dockyard Swimming Pool241 viewsDannys Mother in Lane 3 at Dockyard Swimming Pool [side view] (1964)
Deptford Road Football Pitch224 viewsDeptford Road Football Pitch (as viewed from Wellington Road)
Dockyard Club - November 1965269 viewsDockyard Club - November 1965.

Mark Brown, Les Beckwith, Danny Tope, Barry Thompson.
Dockyard Swimming Pool264 viewsDannys Mother in Lane 3 at Dockyard Swimming Pool (1964)
Dockyard Swimming Pool201 viewsDanny in Lane 4 at Dockyard Swimming Pool (1964)
Dockyard Swimming Pool211 viewsDockyard Swimming Pool
No 2 Civilian Mess - Mata Road. HMNB.377 viewsMy thanks to Bernard Mennell for this photo. Bernard said in his email "I notice that your fascinating site has no reference to the Civilian Messes in the Naval Base where single/unaccompanied staff lived. I had a wonderful time living briefly in No 2 Mess in Mata Road from Dec 1970 to March 1971 - the photograph shows the main living quarters with part of one of the Accommodation Blocks. Half a mile away next to Beaulieu House was No 1 Mess, that accommodated more senior staff and was reputedly less fun! Both closed in October 1971. The area is now Sembawang Park but there is no trace of either Mess. I don't know how many such civilian Messes there once were, but the official 1968 plan of HM Naval Base identifies a No 6 Mess in Jamaica Road."
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Participants of the Marathon Walk391 viewsI can be seen sitting on the floor with an elbow bandage in this mixed group photo.
Participants of the Marathon Walk430 views
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