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The girls team in a charity football match247 viewsThe girls team including back row Dee Morton, 2, Linda Sims, 4, and Laura Gilbert Can anyone identify 2 and 4 in the line up L to R?

Front L to R Jemima Reed, Linda Kelloway, Pam Kelloway, Linda Musgrove ? Pauline Jackson, Sue Le Maux. Can anyone identify the person with the flag?
ladies soccer229 viewsSome of the naval base girls who played the boys at football in a charity game

Linda Mair: Sue Le Maux: ?? : ?? : Pam Stacy: ? Wilson
Taken at a party in 1964356 viewsBack Row:
??: Les Beckworth: Melinda (Min) Chapman: Ron Smith: Denise Wooldridge: Ron Moss: ? Wilson

Middle Row:
Pam Stacy: Jill Chapman: Linda Mair: ?? : Sue Le Maux

Front Row:
Dave Wright: Jane Strange: Nick Gilbert: Laura Gilbert: June Tressider: Jim Coull

In front of Jane Strange: Joyce Wilson.
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