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Tiger Balm Gardens358 viewsWe lived not far from the Tiger Balm Gardens and spent many a day there. It was nice to revisit the place.
Bourne Junior School358 viewsMy name is Kevin Galfskiy, not a lot of people know that ! I am on the far right in the middle row. It was my first day at school and it was not long before I entered Wessex Junior school. I do not remember anyone's name or the teacher's but maybe you do ?
Sue, Deirdre - Woodlands, KD Malaya357 views
Chip Bee Estate 1966357 viewsHere's a picture of Chip Bee Estate at Holland Village.
I am sure the familiar landmark of those red-bricked blocks will be in any Britbat Kid's memory. Below the blocks at Jalan Merah Saga and Taman Waran were the row of semi-detached, terraced houses and bungalows which were rented by British Army families. The row of bungalow houses in this photo fronted Holland Road. The hillock on the left of the photo is Kintyre Park Estate. The block of flats in the background is Commonwealth Drive at Queensway.
Duke of Edinburgh’s visit356 viewsDuke of Edinburgh’s visit to St. John’s 1966
Angela Mack356 viewsAngela Mack - Form Prize Class 12A. 1968
The youth or junior golfers356 views
Kain Songket356 viewsa Kain Songket with gold thread embroidery from Kelantan Taken at Dover Road Mess
The Ladybirds353 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments
Seletar Social Club353 viewsI think I might have been there at a Christmas Party, it was either there or the Sergeants Mess
Dave Keech351 viewsDave Keech. We used to play golf at the Dover Road course. He lived in the next road to Merryn Road
Kent Ridge View351 views
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