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Front Cover depicting the Moon landing in 1969

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Magazine contents

Headmaster's Forward

Page 3 Headmasters Forward.  The Headmaster being R.P. Gaskell.


Deal House Report 1968-69

Page 5 Deal House Report '68-'69


Boys Games Report 1968-69

Page 6 Games Report 1968 - 1969  Boys


Staff departures July 1969

Page 7 continued Games Report and Staff Departures - July 1969


Girls Games Report

Page 9 Girls Games


7-a-side Rugby

Page 10 Singapore Combined Schools 7-a-side Rugby Championships (Junior) by L. Attard, J. Rubery and S. Bashford.


Pevensey 1968-69

Page 11 Reports of Pevensey, 1968-69 by Steve Evatt



Page 17



Page 28 Scherzo.  An Exhibition of work by Lesley Pover and Roland Shannon.


A poem by Carole March

Page 29 Scherzo continued plus a poem by Carole March.


Page 37


Editor's Comment

Page 38 Comment by the Editor Trevor Evans.


A poem by Valeri Lustig

Page 40 A poem by Valeri Lustig.


Page 43


Art and Fashion Exibition

Page 46 Report on Art Exhibition and Fashion Happening


A poem by Penelope Smallbrook

Page 47 continuation of Fashion Report plus a poem by Penelope Smallbrook.


Cougar by D. Jones

Page 54 Cougar by D. Jones.


Page 56


Ian Macpherson report on school play Oliver

Page 61 Report on the school play Oliver by Ian Macpherson.


Blind School by Kathryn Bird

Page 63 Blind School by Kathryn Bird.


Thanks to Monica Hampson for the loan of her Magazine to scan these images.

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