Front Cover - This was the last Summit Magazine published.

SJS Magazine contents page

Headmaster's Forward by Mr. R. P. Gaskell, which highlights some of the events since 1964

Comment - snippets from previous magazines from 1965 to 1970 by J. Clementson

Comment - page 2

Community Service - outlining what the school had achieved and what it was doing with its Community Service Programme - by W. A. McCaffrey

Rochester House Report - by Ann Johncock

Deal House Notes - by Judith McGuirk

Once upon a time - Life as a boarder - by Deal House.

Deal House Sports Report - by S. K. I. Pearce

Dover House Report - by D. Anthony

Dover House Charity - by Robin Lama and Belvoir House Report - by J. Marshall

Warwick House Report - by Cambell McLay

Warwick House Girls Sport - by Gelda Harsant

Chester House 1969/70 - by C. G. Grafton

Chester Community Service - by S. Clementson

Inter-House Games - by R. McGill

Inter-House Games page 2

Girls Games 1965 - 1970 - by N. Kennedy

"Salad Days"

This and the photos that follow are some of the events staged by St. Johns, in which Mr. Allan Williams undertook a big role in production.

"Salad Days"

"My Three Angels"

"The Long and The Short and The Tall"

Models from the "Fashion Happening"

Punishment Wing?

Chester-Pevensey "Folk Night"

"Mr F&N" at "SJS '70"

"SJS '70"

"SJS '70"

"The Feminine Touch"

Film Making Activity

Sub-Aqua Club Report - by Norman B. Potter.  Branch Diving Officer.

The four photos that follow are of the Sub-Aqua Club.

Lost Property!

(1969) "Anyone for Turtle Soup?"

Off to pick up the divers

(1966) Two snorklers and an old anchor

Geographically Speaking.

A round-up of the various field trips undertaking at St. Johns.

Geographically Speaking - page 2

Geographically Speaking - page 3


A photographic record of Fieldwork Excursions 1965 - '70.

1965 Bukit Timah1966 Telok Tengarroh.  1967 Pulau Tioman. 1968 Cameron Highlands1969 Kent Ridge 1970 bukit Sembawang.

Comments in brief

Core-boulders. and Exposed anticline (Jurong).

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls


In the photo with the Coke machine, Mark Sinclair informs me that it is his brother John with the caption.  John Sinclair attended St. Johns 1969 - 70 and once had the job of making sure the machines were working and full.

Snap-Chat - page 2

Snap-Chat - page 3

A Pull-Out

Things Go Better With Coke.

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