Thanks to Mike Johns for lending me his copy of the 1966 Bourne Secondary School Magazine to scan.

Front cover of the 1966 edition of the Bourne Secondary School Magazine.

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover - advert for Malaysian Airways

Inside front cover

The Forward by C. Buckley the Headmaster

Forward by C. Buckley

Advert for Mansfields

Page 1

Page 2

Prestige or Purpose, and

A.S.A. Personal Survival Awards

Page 3

A.S.A. continued.

Swimming, Football

Page 4

Netball, Basketball and


Page 5


Page 6

Shooting - continued

Oil Painting - Rukmani Dewan. Class35

Tennis (Boys)

Page 7

The Guitar Class

"The Boy Mozart" and


Enlarged photo from page 7

Enlarged photo from page 7.

Page 8

"The Boy Mozart" and "Barbarina"

Enlarged photo from page 8

Enlarged photo from page 8

Page 9

"The Boy Mozart" and "Barbarina"

Drama by Sally Drayson

Enlarged photo from page 9

Enlarged photo from page 9

Page 10

A visit to the Holy Land.

by Rosemary Hammond. Class 40

Page 11

Page 12

An Adventure.

by Dil Kishor Ral

Page 13

My first visit to the Amah's Market.

By Pamela Gilliam. Class 42



by Teresa Singh. Class 6

Page 14

A visit to New Zealand

by Anne Hessell. Class 6

Page 15

The Crossing

by Judith Josephs. Class 8



by Claire Williamson. Class 40

Page 16

"The Nightmare Dive"

by Rukmani Dewan. Class35


"A night in the jungle"

by Andrea Mutter. Class 6

Page 17

A trip to a tropical island

by Jacky Adams. Class 21



by Patrick Smith. Class 7



by Lynn Fallon. Class 20

Page 18


by Helen Iveson. Class 21

Page 19

Poem To Nothing.

Barbara Webb and Linda Davey. Class 35

Page 20

The River

by J. McKnight. Class 43

Page 21

The Deed

by Carolyne Beard. Class 3


by Correen Bane. Class 41

Page 22

Country Life

by Susan Adcock. Class 28

Page 23

The Fairy Dream

by Christine Toyer. Class 4

Page 24

The Wreckers

by Patricia Geere. Class 21

Page 25

The Staff Room

by P. Stratford. Class 28

Page 26


by Stephanie Guthrie. Class 43

Page 27

A Few Animals

by Nicola Jones.

Page 28


by Carole Chappell. Class 36

Page 29

I Don't Go Off My Rocker

by S. Browne and J. Aspinall. Class 30

Page 30

The Mountains of Bourne

by Sally Prout. Class 6


Written after reading "Meeting At Night" by Robert Browning

by Jane Griffiths. Class 43

Page 31

The Sunset

by Deborah Hoy. Class 2


Boring Work

Paul Andrews. Class 2


Consecutive Numbers

Mark Roach. Class 2

Page 32

Automatic Data Processing at Bourne School

The next 5 pages is an article by Mr. W.R. Dunn. on student records at Bourne School.

Page 33

Page 34

ICT 1004 Data Processor

Page 35

ICT 1004 Data Processor.

Punch Card with codes

Page 36

Punch Card with codes

Flow Chart

Page 37

Flow Chart

Page 38

A Normal Day.

by the School Secretary


Advert for F&N Drinks and the Tropika Restaurant

Page 39

Inside Back Cover.  Adverts for the Pavilion Resturant and Fairways & Co.

Inside Back Cover


Back Cover.  Advert for Guthrie-Boustead, Shipping Agencies Ltd.

Back Cover

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