Thanks to Mike Johns for the 1967 Edition, of the Bourne Secondary School Magazine.

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Headmasters Message


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Athletics Results

Page 2

Swimming Gala Results

Enlarged from page 2


Enlarged from page 2

Page 3


by Tek Gurung. 20A

Enlarged from page 3

Slim House Basket Ball V

Tek Gurung (Capt), Yam Gurung, Binod Lama, A. Wenham, T. Fitzpatricks

Page 4

Netball, Rugby and Soccer


Page 5

House Soccer Final

by Colin Breckenridge. 30A

Page 6

The Bronze A.S.A Award.

by Ian Williams. 30G

Enlarged from page 6

Margaret Pillage

Enlarged from page 6

House Soccer Final

Page 7

Golf by Leigh Briggs. 1A

Photographic Activity by Stephen Wells. 23A

Enlarged from page 7

Swimming Champions M. Pillage and T. Ipex

Page 8

The Orchestral Activity by A. Newell. 1A

Aeromodelling by Ray Dyball. 30G


Page 9

My Hobby - Skin-Diving by Chris Carpenter. 31G

Page 10

The Fun And Hazards Of Carting by S. Fogarty. 1A

My first And Last Nature Walk by Susan Brook. 25G

Page 11

Muang The Warrior by Giles Harrison. 1A

Page 12

I Remember by Jill Bowen. 30A

Page 13

A Visit To The Sam Poh Tong Buddhist Temple by Dil Kishor Rai. 23A

Tabby Tabby by Maureen McLaren. 27G

Page 14

The Storm by John Bleasdale. 9A

School by Robert Glasgow. 2A

Angry Mind by Maria Roberts. 6A

A Land Divine by Anne Bastable. 24G

Page 15

Wondering Why by Alec Stockdale. 35A

The Cow by Olwen Harris. 32A

Page 16

A Landlubber's Nightmare by Wendy Dwone. 23A

Spring Flowers by Cynthia Cope. 6A

Page 17

I Remember by Stephanie Jenkins. 31A

Page 18

I Remember by Judith Josephs. 21A

Winter In Spring by Denise Welsford. 34A

Page 19

Thaipusam by Michael Johns. 22G

A Young Pilot's Dreams by George Somfay. 23A

Page 20

The Intruder by Lynne Golder. 32G

Mission Aborted by P. Walls. 1A

Page 21

The Wild Stallion by Vivien Wilkinson. 20A

The School Cross Country Run by Ronald Searle. 21G

Page 22

A Walk In Seclusion by Yvonne Ferguson. 33A

Page 23

Monday Mornings by Jenny Blackburn. 20A

The Donkey by Susan Stephens. 23A

Page 24

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass"

Enlarged from page 24

Enlarged from page 24

Page 25

The Cast List

Page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Enlarged from page 26

Page 27

Singapore Here I Come! by John Marsden. 1G

Page 28

Singapore Here I Come! - continued

Page 29

Singapore Here I Come! - continued

Page 30

The Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme by Roger Catchpool. 30G

Page 31

The Defeat by Glenys Roft. 30A

Spring by Barbara Grey. 7A

The Bay by Kenneth Airs. 2G


Page 32

Deep Into The Maze Of Chinatown by Yvonne Ferguson. 33A

Looking After A Horrible Child by Pat Pielou. 31A

Page 33

Looking After A Horrible Child - continued

Page 34

The Youngest Survivor Of The "Empire Windrush" by Jean Leech. 25A

Page 35

"Sammy" by Judith Lane. 30A

Page 36

A Long Six And Three-Quarter Hours by Christine Prynn. 25A

Page 37

Lost In The Mandai by M.R. Butter. 31A

Enlarged from page 37

"The Four KS"

Page 38

Lost In The Mandai - continued

Night by Teresa Hobbs. 25A

Page 39

My Hobby by J. Warrior. 30A

Page 40

Trees by Cynthia Cope. 6A

Noises by Nuala Biggs. 6A

The Fisherman's Song by Prem Rai. 23G

Page 41

Our Jungle Exploits by Pat Pielou.

Page 42

Our Jungle Exploits by Pat Pielou - continued.

Page 43

Our Jungle Exploits by Pat Pielou - continued.

The Story Of The Moon Cake Festival by Elizabeth Walker. 31A

Page 44

Ghosts by Dianne Lamond. 20L

Things I Like Best Of All by Sara Carpenter. 11A

Singapore by Beverley Newell. 21A

Memories by Elizabeth Jones.

Page 45

The Flight by Lesley Mobbs. 24A

A Kinloss Birthday by Carolyne Beard. 20A

Stray Cat by Anne White. 5G

Page 46

Bourne School 3rd Annual Sports Meeting.


Page 47

Results - continued

Enlarged from page 47

John Scott

Enlarged from page 47

John Cranshaw

Enlarged from page 47

Yvonne Cass

Page 48

Enlarged from page 48

Brett Freeman

Enlarged from page 48

David Jeffrey

Enlarged from page 48

Ken Hillier

Enlarged from page 48

Cheshire House Champions

Enlarged from page 48

John Scott

Enlarged from page 48

D. Newell

Page 49

Farewell To Bourne by P. Newell. Deputy Headmaster.

The Night by S. Gill. 6A

Enlarged from page 49

Bourne School

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