Singapore Schools Reunion - Hatfield 2007 - page 2

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Thanks to David Devauden for these photos

David Devauden, Hilary Youngman, David Prosser (former St. Johns School teacher) and Lynne Copping

This photo also appears in the January-March 2008 edition of the 'Singapore', a magazine published by the Singapore International Foundation.

Ian Whittaker, Chris Elsden, Bill Bullimore and Dee Morton standing

Hilary Youngman and ?

Jill McDermott far right

David Prosser 2nd left, David Prior in centre

Bill Bullimore

These next two photos thanks to

Lesley Annable

The Gillman Olde Stars with guest guitarist - Damber Subba.

The Gillman Olde Stars with guest guitarist.

Thanks to Sue Burroughs for the following five photographs.


Durian and Rambutans

Thanks to Bobbie Crowe for the next four photos
Thanks to Christine Emerson nee Dobbs, for the next four photos.
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