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Singapore Schools Reunion - Hatfield 2007


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Singapore Strollers

Did you spend some of your formative years in the Far East?

Do you live within 50 miles of Bath/Bristol?

Do you enjoy strolling in the countryside (max 8 miles), usually on a Sunday, not starting early and with a lunchtime rest for refreshment at a pub?


If yes, why don't you get in touch with Singapore Strollers  

to find out what walks we have planned and - better still - join us.  Loved ones with four or two legs are most welcome as long as they don't bite.  We all went to school in Singapore in the sixties, and want to expand our circle.



held at the Ramada Hotel at Hatfield on Saturday 29th September 2007.

Once again this special event was a great success thanks to the hard work put in by Lynne Copping, Hilary Youngman, Steve Barry, Terry Bettesworth and others.

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Lynne Copping

making an announcement

on what the evening holds


Over 100 guests

enjoy the evening



Gillman Olde Stars

preparing to play

L to R.  Julian Barry, Mike Byrne, David Heald, Les, Beckwith, Brian Robinson and Steve Barry.

Hilarys' Photos

Friday night.

L to R. Ralph Mayer, Christine Emerson, John Robbins, Mick Cawley, Frankie Knight, Tom O'Brien and with back to camera Julian Barry.


Frankie Knight, Tom O'Brien, Julian Barry and Ralph Mayers

L to R. Carol Thurlow, Frank Josephs, ?, Lynne Copping, Jo Shaw and ?

Lynne and Hilary

Lynne,  David Devauden and Hilary


Frankie and Mike Carpenter

Sue and David Shepherd

Maitalal Gurung and ? Gurung.

Wendy Barry and Brian Robinson

Mick Cawley and Carol Youngman

Sunday Morning

L to R. Ralph Mayers, Hilary Youngman, Steve Stone, Frankie Knight and Bobbie Crowe.

Thanks to Dee Morton for these photos

Mary, Phil, Marilyn and Valerie.


Bill Bullimore, Jill McDermott and Ian Whittaker meeting up for the first time since the early 60's.

Chris Elsden (Naval Base) with Lynne

Lynne, Hilary with Jean in the background.

Thanks to Lynn McWilliam (nee Fallon) for these photos

Sunday Morning

Alan Cottrell

Mike Carpenter

Dave Papworth

Mick Byrne, Clarise Byrne, Julian and Steve Barry


Lynn with Norman Hart and his wife

Hilary offering Durian Fruit on Sunday morning.  Steve Barry is not impressed.

Alan does not look keen

Sitting Mike Ridley

The Gillman Olde Stars

Julian Barry

Tom O'Brien

Steve Bridger and Steve Barry

Alan Cottrell and Ken Wildon

Guest guitarist joins the band

Tom O'Brien, Alan Wilkinson with back to camera, Ian Wilkinson and Alan Cottrell.

Dave Papworth and Tom O'Brien

Ian Wilkinson and Phil Crawshaw

Alan and Phil

Dave Heald, Clarice Byrne,  Sue Le Maux and sister, Mike Byrne


Chris Elsden and Anna Googan behind is Ann Massey

Chris Elsden and Anna Googan


Frankie, John Webb and Mick Ridley.

The following photos are of some of the guests having a meal at a Thai Restaurant before the main event on Saturday evening.

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