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Chandos - October 2011


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Singapore Strollers

Did you spend some of your formative years in the Far East?

Do you live within 50 miles of Bath/Bristol?

Do you enjoy strolling in the countryside (max 8 miles), usually on a Sunday, not starting early and with a lunchtime rest for refreshment at a pub?


If yes, why don't you get in touch with Singapore Strollers  

to find out what walks we have planned and - better still - join us.  Loved ones with four or two legs are most welcome as long as they don't bite.  We all went to school in Singapore in the sixties, and want to expand our circle.



Reunion - 8th October 2011 at the Chandos Pub London

Many thanks to Lynn McWilliam for these photos


















Many thanks to Malcolm Brunsdon for these photos.











Many thanks to Anna Googan for these photos

l-r Liz Ware, Jo Gosden and Ken Wildon

l-r Sheila Glen and friend with Phil Crawshaw

l-r Phil Crawshaw, Jo Gosden, Rik Faulkner

l-r Sue Cuthbert, Hilary Youngman, Frankie Knight

Anna Googan and Ralph Mayers

Liz Ware and Lynn Fallon

l-r Lynn Fallon, Steve Barry, Terri Hugo

Fran Williams and Stewart McArthur

First time reunioners boarders - Jo, Stewart and Fran

Alex Manning and John Blyth

l-r John Robbins, James McJarrow (BritBrat ex Brunei) Terry Bettesworth

l-r Malcolm 'spot the camera'  Brunsdon, Sue Cuthbert, Phil Crawshaw