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Singapore Schools ReunionsPhotos of reunions big and small featuring Ex pupils of BFES in Singapore.
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Chandos 16-02-2018


Ex BFES Singapore pupils meeting up for a reunion with special guests Jan Catchpool and Veronica Bourne and families.

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Newcastle 1st Sept 2018


Mini reunion in Newcastle, September 2018

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Birmingham 22 Sept 2018


Former pupils of BFES Schools in Singapore having a reunion in Birmingham

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Singapore Reunion June 2014 - Vol 1


Photos from some of those who attended the Singapore Schools reunion in June 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the opening of St. Johns Comprehensive School.

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Chandos 22-11-2017


Singapore Schools Reunion held at the Chandos Pub, London on 22 November 2017.

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Newcastle 23 Sept 2017


Photos of a reunion of former pupils of BFES schools in Singapore, held in Newcastle on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

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Yvette Jeffrey


Alexandra infants around 1968

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Doug Collier


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Tony Martin


I was in Singapore between 1960-63 and went to Pasir Panjang Infants School as we lived on the Wessex Estate.

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Alan Usher


In the army I was part of the RAOC based at 443 BAD in Kranji. Among other things I was John Profumo's chauffeur around the bases.

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Roy Thompson


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Christine Thompson


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Susan Webb


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Ian Vale


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Isabelle Crean


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Kampong110 viewsphoto taken by Chin Siew Min and sent to Keith show Siglap Drive as it is today - 2009. This new housing and shopping complex stands on the old kampong site opposite No.5 in the 60's.
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Some of the crowd I knew181 views
photo taken at St. John's.166 viewsphoto taken at St. John's.
Sri Marimann Hindu Temple113 viewsSri Marimann Hindu Temple in Southbridge Road (China Town)
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