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Singapore Schools ReunionsPhotos of reunions big and small featuring Ex pupils of BFES in Singapore.
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Chandos 16-02-2018


Ex BFES Singapore pupils meeting up for a reunion with special guests Jan Catchpool and Veronica Bourne and families.

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Singapore Reunion June 2014 - Vol 1


Photos from some of those who attended the Singapore Schools reunion in June 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the opening of St. Johns Comprehensive School.

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Chandos 22-11-2017


Singapore Schools Reunion held at the Chandos Pub, London on 22 November 2017.

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Newcastle 23 Sept 2017


Photos of a reunion of former pupils of BFES schools in Singapore, held in Newcastle on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

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Roger Braga


Thanks to Roger Braga for these photos taken by his late father, WO2 Michael Dennis Braga of Xmas party in Johore Bahru at the Government Guest House opposite the Sultan of Johor's Palace grounds in December 1959, just before departing for the UK

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Roger Thomas


Many thanks to Roger Thomas for allowing me to use these pictures taken in 2003 in Singapore.

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Ron Moss


Thanks to Ron Moss for these photos. Ron was in the Naval Base from 1962 to 1965.

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Stephen Charters


My thanks to Steve Charters for these photos circa 1963/65 from his time in Singapore, and some from his visit back to Singapore in 2008.

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Stephen Penfold


Thanks to Stephen Penfold for these photos. Stephen was at AGS 1962/63 and St Johns 1964/5.

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Stuart McArthur


Thanks to Stuart McArthur for these photos. Stuart was a boarder in Dover House at St. John's from 1965 to 1967.

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Sue Gauntlett


Thanks to Sue Gauntlett for these photos. Sue said that she was in Singapore "between 1972 and 1975 lived on the Woodlands Estate near Kranji War Memorial, whilst my dad was stationed at Tengah seconded to the Singapore Air Force - hence not on camp. I attended Tengah primary and Singapore International School for a couple of terms I was 9 - 11 years old."

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William Barrie


My thanks to William Barrie for these photos all taken at Kinloss House. William said "We lived in Penang and I was at Kinloss House 1964-67 with my sister Wendy and brother Grant."

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Susan Dodds


Thanks to Susan Dodds for these photos from her time in Singapore 1964 – 67. She said "My Dad was in the Fleet Air Arm and I went to the Royal Naval School."

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Sonia Drake


Thanks to Sonia Drake for these photos. Sonia was at Bourne 1969-70 Class 28A, then at St Johns 1970-71 House/Group Chester.

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Terry Buckle


Thanks to Terry Buckle for these photos of his time in Singapore. Terry lived on the Sussex Estate from 1964 to 1966.

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David Prior


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School Bus 314 viewsCatching the School bus home from St. Johns. Tom O'Brien and Ian Vale.Mar 22, 2018
Chip Bee Flats449 viewsTaken under the flats at Chip Bee Estate. Janet Cole, Ian Vale and Shayne TerryMar 22, 2018
Ian and Mary342 viewsTaken during my final days in Singapore. I'd damaged my hand and wrist and spent about 7 weeks recovering at home. Can't remember Mary's surname, but she was from Dunfermline in Scotland.Mar 22, 2018
Ian and Mary303 viewsI would love to track Mary down again.Mar 22, 2018
Ian and Ron225 viewsTaken on the Southern Islands somewhere. In the last days I was there, we went out there quite frequently, usually spending 2 or 3 days on these deserted islands. The other guy in the photo is Ron, who was a local and the roadie with my band.Mar 22, 2018
Jim, Jane, Ann and me295 viewsThis photo is a bit of a mystery. I've written on the back, Jim, Jane, Anne and Me. I vaguely remember Jim and even more vaguely remember Anne and Jane, but can't quite place them. I think Ann is sitting next to me.Mar 22, 2018
Back of the Kent Cinema, Dover Road.254 viewsI'm afraid I can't put names to them. I think extreme left may have been Julie and then Marion Kimble, Linda James and unknownMar 22, 2018