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Ah Chan143 viewsour Amah, Ah Chan
Dockyard Swimming Pool140 viewsThe pool can still be seen between Deptford road and Wellington road if you search for Admiralty Road East on Google Maps.
Dockyard Swimming Pool135 views
Dockyard Swimming Pool143 views
on my return home from the trip!138 views
About to set off on a trip to the Mandai for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme expedition128 views
inside of the driving licence144 views
The cover of my Singapore driving licence120 views
H Block - in Ottawa Road135 viewsH Block - in Ottawa Road. We lived in the top floor flat (H2).
Ron Jones and Pete Sims with a dead sea snake.153 viewsRon Jones and Pete Sims with a dead sea snake. Taken on a Banyan trip to Seletar Island.
ladies soccer154 viewsSome of the naval base girls who played the boys at football in a charity game

Linda Mair: Sue Le Maux: ?? : ?? : Pam Stacy: ? Wilson
Naval Base Anthem152 viewsWritten in 1965 but I can’t remember who wrote it and I’m struggling to identify a lot of the individuals named and the incidents referred to. Thanks to Lin Kelloway for transcribing this.

Verse 4: Laura Gilbert.
Verse 6: Nick Gilbert and Jane Strange.
Verse 8: Min Chapman.
Verse 9:Lin Kelloway and Ron Moss.
Verse 17: Pam Kelloway.
Verse 20: I think this refers to Pete Sims blowing the fuse in the apprentice training building.

Can anyone add any other names?
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