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Would you believe, in the six years we lived in Singapore, between 1963 and 1969, my wife and I went to the theatre 82 times! As well as two large civilian groups – the Stage Club and The Sceneshifters, which put on regular plays and musicals respectively and consisted of a fair number of teachers – the army, navy and air force had their own dramatic societies and G&S groups.

And Alexandra Secondary School (which later became Bourne School) and St John's School put on regular shows. In addition, the Singapore Schools Music Association thrived for a short time, gathering together a number of primary schools to present impressive events.

Prior to perhaps passing on my collection of 82 programmes to the Singapore Archives, I have scanned all the covers for my personal archives. If any of those who were in Singapore and perhaps involved in some of the school productions would like it, I'd be happy to scan the whole programme into a pdf and forward it to them.

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Class 2A 1964213 viewsClass 2A 1964. Paul Revell, Martin Harwood and Joan Kent are on the right.
Robinsons geared up for the festive season175 viewsRaffles Place, Christmas 1968, with the original Robinsons geared up for the festive season.
swimming gala239 viewsHere, in colour, is an earlier swimming gala held before the Dover Road complex was finished. This is the pool at Gillman Barracks, which actually gave the spectators a better view of everything
Tony Webb and a colleague experimenting with a hot air balloon209 viewsTony Webb and a colleague experimenting with a hot air balloon. Look at those girls standing on the railing: wouldn't be allowed, under Health and Safety, nowadays! That's Peter Drury up there with them and the deputy Head, Gwyn Jones, walking away but still watching.
1967-12-01 St Johns - Twelfth Night103 views
2nd Netball Team 1969202 views2nd Netball Team 1969

How sad! All the faces are so familiar but I can't remember any of the names.

Lesley Saunders has identified herself as being at the back, left side.
The beginning of Scotts Road167 viewsThe beginning of Scotts Road, taken from the same viewpoint. Today it is all high-rise blocks on both sides.
1966-07-12 Schools Music Association Multibox56 views

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1969-03-29 St Johns - Oliver708 viewsJan 03, 2019
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1968-12-05 St Johns - My Three Angels.117 viewsJan 03, 2019
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1968-04-05 St Johns - Ten Little Niggers117 viewsJan 03, 2019
1967-12-01 St Johns - Twelfth Night103 viewsJan 03, 2019
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