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Lou Watkins


Thanks to Louis Watkins for sending these photos in from his time in Singapore. Lou was in Singapore from May 1965 to July 1968. First attending Bourne School then in September 1966 St. John's.

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Oggy Match122 views Bishop Oggie handing out the after match medals ( Pasties)
Oggy Night132 viewsThe Oggy Night version of a Maypole Dance. The fan the ribbons were attached to was never quite the same again.
Maria Googan (left) at the naval base club162 views Maria Googan (left) at the naval base club, poss aka the Britannia club?
Oggy Night139 viewsThe Mad Dockyardies abroad, celebrating Oggy Night at the Dockyard Social club, not all of them were from Devonport (They received temporary West Country passports for the night!)
107 Wellington189 viewsOur house in the Naval Base opposite the Dockyard swimming pool, tennis courts & football pitch
Front Cover - 'Laughter in the Dark'126 viewsThe Royal Naval Base Theatre Club - production 'Laughter in the Dark'
Laughter in the Dark136 viewsCast of "Laughter in the Dark" taking their curtain call.
circa1967 photo of Maria Googan167 viewscirca1967 photo of Maria Googan with their cook Amah outside their home in 109 Wellington Road, Singapore 27.

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Achille Lauro 1968157 viewsThe Carnaby Street night party on board the Achille, August 1968Aug 13, 2017
Achille Lauro 1968163 viewsAchille Lauro, August 1968. Winning fancy dress group. We were red indians from the blackfoot tribe. Left to Right. Steve Edgecumbe, unknown, me, Fred, Cliff Andrews.Aug 13, 2017
Wellington Floods196 viewsView across to the Dockyard swimming pool taken at the same time as the football pitch floods showing how the drains couldn’t cope.Dec 10, 2013
Tiger & mickey157 viewsOur tomcat Tiger & Anna Googan’s female cat Mickey enjoying the sun, possibly after creating the kittens that Mickey had.Dec 10, 2013
View of St. John's161 viewsDec 10, 2013
The St. John's Railway Club179 viewsThe St. John's Railway Club layout at the school Open Day in 1968, the only person I can positively I.D. is Andrew Cole who is at the back right in shorts.Dec 10, 2013
Packing168 viewsMy mother writing the inventory of what possessions were going in which packing crate as the packers wrapped everything up in June 1968.Dec 10, 2013
Oronsay155 viewsThe best shot of the Oronsay I could get in the days before wide angle lenses.Dec 10, 2013