Memories of Singapore

Photos and Images submitted to the Memories of Singapore website

150th anniversary of Singapore170 viewshis first day cover was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Singapore
Bourne leaving certificate149 viewsThe other side of the same certificate.
Bourne leaving certificate145 viewsMy Bourne leaving certificate, issued in December 1969 just prior to my departure from Singapore.
Far East Mansions155 viewsThis photo is me (Dave P) standing in the grounds of Far East Mansions at roughly the same spot as one of my earlier ones taken in the sixties, that can be seen on this site
Far East Mansions158 views This ground floor flat at Far East Mansions used to be the families club for the forces residents in the sixties

Sadly far east mansions was demolished in July 2007 to make way for newer taller flats.
Far East Mansions139 viewsThis Far East Mansion’s flat (just above that in red) was my old family home in the sixties
Kim Yam Road153 viewsThis is Kim Yam Road just outside Far East Mansions looking down towards the River. The area on the right used to be a large Kampong with a Michelin tyre factory next door. The tyre factory was a former WWII POW Camp
Bourne School 2006221 viewsPresent day students were leaving for the day
Bourne School 2006192 viewsAt the bottom just before the ascent.
Bourne School 2006199 viewsThis is looking up from the right hand bend
Bourne School 2006182 viewsA view back down from the top.
Bourne School 2006209 viewsLower part of the school taken in the quadrangle.
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