Memories of Singapore

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Harbour View86 viewsPresuming this is Singapore Harbour
My Mother Sussex Estate90 viewsTaken at the back of the house on Goodwood Rd, 1975 I believe.
Construction 75 2974 viewsSingapore has been growing for a long time, this was opposite our house in 75, 76 and yes I used to go play on the building site. That's what you did in the 70's/
More Construction3007 viewsSingapore construction Goodwood Rd, Sussex Estate (across the road if I remember correctly)1 comments
View from our front garden.446 viewsAnother image from our front door.
Looking left from our garden453 viewsAnother image looking down the street.
53 Goodwood Rd98 viewsA very young me in January 75 - 53 Goodwood Rd in The Sussex Estate
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