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New Bugis Street138 viewsAnother photo of the Bugis Street area, also showing the original Street now a market, (and much cleaned up from what is was in the sixties)
The obverse sides of a $1 and 50-cent coin issued in the sixties. 137 views
Pagoda Street China Town137 viewsPagoda Street China Town, this structure has been built over the original street and forms part of a bridge running over the main road alongside. The escalators go down directly to China Town MRT station
Scout Medals136 viewsThese scout medals were won at the Gillman pool in 1969. By the
time the competition got underway most of the troops has disbanded so the
chances of winning something dramatically increased.
Tangs Market on the lower floor136 viewsTangs Market on the lower floor
The coastal area of Pasir Ris136 viewsThe coastal area of Pasir Ris, this didn’t appeared to have changed much
Botanic Gardens134 viewsOne of the many paths in the gardens.
Sentosa Island134 viewsPhoto taken in the herb garden next to the musical fountain, I included this because of the amusing notice which reads, “Our plants and fruit may look tempting but please do not pluck or we will have to charge you $50 per fruit / plant or hand you over to the police”.
Changi Jail Chapel134 viewsA replica of the Changi Jail Chapel that was built by allied POW’s in WWII
Southbridge road with the Sri Marimann Temple133 viewsSouthbridge road with the Sri Marimann Temple and the China Town area on the left
touch me not133 viewsThis plant, nicknamed “touch me not” has leaves which folded up when touched, I found these at Pasir Ris
Radio132 viewsThis radio measures about 4.5" x 1.25" x 2.75", it was state of the art stuff at the time, and about as small as radios got. This model was MW only but it did have an earpiece! It was bought for my birthday in 1969, still works too.
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