Memories of Singapore

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Most viewed - Dave Papworth
China Town Museum121 viewsThis was the outside loo, a hole cut into a stone slab, (just out of the picture where the door is
Sri Marimann Hindu Temple121 viewsSri Marimann Hindu Temple in Southbridge Road (China Town)
Chinese Hell note120 viewsThe obverse side of a Chinese Hell note. They were burnt often just after someone’s death, very often in the street, which is where I found this one
The obverse side of a Japanese WW2 occupation bank note. 120 views
Botanic Gardens120 viewsThe same lake once again photographed from the opposite side looking back up from the previous photo.
Sentosa Island119 viewsPhoto of the cable car harbour building also taken from Mount Faber
Ford Factory Museum119 viewsAnother view of the surrender chamber taken from the opposite corner, note the time on the clock, the exact time the surrender document was signed.
Smith Street, China Town119 viewsThis shop in Smith Street, China Town sold mainly paper goods, e.g. hell bank notes for burning to the hungry ghosts. The locals clearly move with the times, just above the archway you can see a laptop!
Chinese Hell note118 viewsThe reverse side of the same Chinese Hell note.
Botanic Gardens118 viewsA water feature.
The reverse side of the Japanese occupation bank note.114 views
Sentosa Island114 viewsI took this during the cable car crossing while still over the main land, apparently its 80m up, not for the faint hearted
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