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Would you believe, in the six years we lived in Singapore, between 1963 and 1969, my wife and I went to the theatre 82 times! As well as two large civilian groups – the Stage Club and The Sceneshifters, which put on regular plays and musicals respectively and consisted of a fair number of teachers – the army, navy and air force had their own dramatic societies and G&S groups.

And Alexandra Secondary School (which later became Bourne School) and St John's School put on regular shows. In addition, the Singapore Schools Music Association thrived for a short time, gathering together a number of primary schools to present impressive events.

Prior to perhaps passing on my collection of 82 programmes to the Singapore Archives, I have scanned all the covers for my personal archives. If any of those who were in Singapore and perhaps involved in some of the school productions would like it, I'd be happy to scan the whole programme into a pdf and forward it to them.

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1964-04-10 Alexandra School - Salad Days69 views
Bukit Timah Road would often flood191 viewsBukit Timah Road would often flood, especially when the monsoon rains coincided with the tide coming up from the sea. Enterprising Singaporeans would offer to 'push out' vehicles that became stationary in the floodwater, making sure they pushed your exhaust pipe beneath it, ensuring a handsome tip from grateful motorists!
1966-07-12 Schools Music Association Multibox65 views
1st Football Team 1969315 views1st Football Team 1969

the only boy I remember is Martin Cowley, fourth from left in the front row. This was a highly successful team: look at the trophies they won in 1969!
1966-03-26 St Johns - She Stoops to Conquer90 views
Class 2A 1964238 viewsClass 2A 1964. Paul Revell, Martin Harwood and Joan Kent are on the right.
There goes the Duke of Edinburgh!212 viewsThere goes the Duke of Edinburgh! He came to Singapore in 1965 or 1966 and, though he visited the 'rivals' at Alexandra Junior School, his entourage didn't stop as it passed Pasir Panjang.
Julia White212 viewsClass 2A at Pasir Panjang, 1964, showing the uniform and the PPJS badge based on 'Jimmy', the Royal Signals mascot as we were the responsibility of 18th Signal Regiment.

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1969-03-29 St Johns - Oliver736 viewsJan 03, 2019
1968-12-15 - Nee Soon Carol Service262 viewsJan 03, 2019
1968-12-05 St Johns - My Three Angels.133 viewsJan 03, 2019
1968-11-30 Bourne - The Lovebirds116 viewsJan 03, 2019
1968-04-05 St Johns - Ten Little Niggers130 viewsJan 03, 2019
1967-12-01 St Johns - Twelfth Night121 viewsJan 03, 2019
1967-11-25 Bourne School - Middle Watch121 viewsJan 03, 2019
1967-07-08 Bourne School - Alice131 viewsJan 03, 2019