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1969 Royal Naval School - First Year303 viewsMy thanks to Alastair Young for this photo.

1969 Royal Naval School - First Year- Alastair Young 3rd from right, back row
19th Nov 1969- Royal Naval School- 2nd Year340 viewsMy thanks to Alastair Young for this photo.
19th Nov 1969- Royal Naval School- 2nd Year- Alastair Young sixth in from left back row.
Andrew Cable245 viewsAndrew was in Singapore from 1966 to 1969. He attended the RN School before moving up to Bourne Secondary School. This photo is of him sitting in the garden at 54 Arab School Road. His best friend at the time was Uda Suba.
Class 3 Nov 1961292 viewsThanks to Alison Clifford for this photo of Class 3 Nov 1961 with the message " I hope some people will recognise themselves!"
233 viewsMy thanks to Janet Laidlaw for this photo.

This one was taken at the RN School and shows Mr Silk, the Deputy Headmaster, shaking hands with the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Headmaster, Commander Horton, I think is looking on between them.
Royal Naval School 1963349 viewsA pic from 1963 (July) I was called Patsy Cole and had a brother at the same naval school who is a few years younger
called Nicholas Cole. I wonder if anyone remembers us. We lived firstly in Sembawang Hills and then moved to Sembawang Springs into a brand
new bungalow which was on a hill in quite a large estate. I remember the ladies coming to the gate to get potatoe peelings for the pigs
and seeing goats in the street. My dad was with the fleet air arm in the naval stores and was called Bob Cole.
RN Junior School 1965/66324 viewsThanks to David Forbes for this, his class photo. The teacher is Mr Green. David was in Singapore from Sept 1964 to Nov 1966. David is on the middle row first right with the dark hair.
Royal Naval School408 viewsThanks to Angela Jackson for this photo. Angela said "RN School Singapore 1964-67 Can't remember the teacher's name. I am in the front - 1st in the row."1 comments
Royal Naval School370 viewsThanks to Angela Jackson for this photo "RN School Singapore 1964-67. I think the teacher is called Mrs Bailey. I am sitting on the front row, 2nd left."
RN Junior School322 viewsThanks to Jock Laidlaw for this photo. Jock said that "I think the teacher was Mr. Fagg. I am at the extreme right of the back row. In the middle, and clearly more interested in the girl beside him, is Johnnie Inverdale, now to be seen presenting sport on the BBC. - Names I remember, but can’t necessarily place include: Philip Messom; David Crane; Philip Pound; John England; Hugh Gilbert; the wee guy in the front was a Barrington I think and his father taught at the school."
Royal Naval School 1970395 viewsThanks to Kenny Symmons for this photo taken in September 1970. Kenny is on the top row right hand side. Kenny said "I think a guy called Duncan Fallows is middle row left, a girl called ??? Hobbs is 3 up from Duncan and the teacher was Mrs. Armstrong."
RN Junior School 1969373 viewsThanks to Keith Simpson for this photo of Class 1J the teacher was Ms M.G. Combe. Chris Harris has identified himself as being on the back row 7th from right, or 5th from left.
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