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Mr Webb and class in hall264 viewsMr Tony Webb came to Singapore in 1964 and taught first at Alexandra Junior School under the indomitable Mrs Bosewell before coming to Wessex. He became Deputy Head, and, later, Head at the school in Penang. He is well and we meet with the Johnses every year in Spain.
Class 2A 1964261 viewsClass 2A 1964. Another section of the class, featuring Judith Beeston, Stuart Parkinson, Jenny Tippett-Iles, Wendy Haugh and Dave Robinson.
Class 2A 1964260 viewsClass 2A 1964. Some of my class of amazing bright and happy second-year juniors. Julia White is in the foreground with her lovely smile.
Looking down Orchard Road towards CK Tang260 viewsLooking down Orchard Road towards CK Tang (on the left), taken from Liat Towers, the stubby block which housed Donald Moore Galleries after it moved from its original premises in Clemenceau Avenue. It's amazing that there are no high-rise buildings along the length of this part of Orchard Road; compare it with today! Orchard Road was two-way traffic in the 1960s, something present-day Singapore children find hard to believe - as, also, that policemen wore short trousers then!
2nd Netball Team 1966259 views2nd Netball Team 1966

Front row is Susan Haywayd, Diane and Wendy Haugh.
Another colour picture, of my classroom254 viewsAnother colour picture, of my classroom on the first storey of the main block with me in traditional 'uniform'. These upper classrooms were cooler than those downstairs and mine had a little window at the other end through which I could show 35mm films from a projector in the adjoining store room. I borrowed films from the British Council
1st Netball Team 1969247 views1st Netball Team 1969

the only girl I remember is Jennifer Ridge (3rd from left, back row), eldest daughter of John Ridge, the art teacher.

Helen Walkerdene has identified herself on the back row far right. She said "Far left back row I believe is Mary Bowes, Beverley ???, then Jennifer Ridge and then me. Front row holding the ball possibly Lynne Gentry??"
Wessex News Board246 views. . . and here it is in all its glory, with an admiring group!
The Lido Cinema246 viewsThe Lido Cinema at the junction of Orchard and Scotts Road. The present Lido, at the top of the atrium of another shopping centre, is reached by a number of vertiginous escalators - all made by Schindler, as I noticed when I came out of the auditorium with a hushed audience after seeing Schindler's List!
Leslie Rutledge has identified himself as the diver244 viewsLeslie Rutledge has identified himself as the diver in this photo. Leslie said, "The event was actually May/June 1964 and I do believe the last time the gala was held at Gillman barracks as the new Dover road pool had just opened."
comparatively empty244 viewsTwo views of the wide, deep monsoon drain on the other side of Orchard Road - one comparatively empty, the other after a typical rainstorm.
Class 2A 1964243 viewsClass 2A 1964. Paul Revell, Martin Harwood and Joan Kent are on the right.
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