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Julia White212 viewsClass 2A at Pasir Panjang, 1964, showing the uniform and the PPJS badge based on 'Jimmy', the Royal Signals mascot as we were the responsibility of 18th Signal Regiment.
There goes the Duke of Edinburgh!211 viewsThere goes the Duke of Edinburgh! He came to Singapore in 1965 or 1966 and, though he visited the 'rivals' at Alexandra Junior School, his entourage didn't stop as it passed Pasir Panjang.
The lady who made up school uniforms206 viewsThe lady who made up school uniforms asked me to take this picture for her advertisement in the school magazine. The two 'models' are Sharon Whatley aged 8, and Linda Kelly. There's my famous bulletin blackboard in the background . . .
In the afternoons the school became a Malay school206 viewsIn the afternoons the school became a Malay school for the children of Malay soldiers in the British army. They used all the classrooms and you can just make out the girls in their ankle-length blue 'cassocks' with long white 'surpilces' over them.
204 viewsTaken in 2009 a photo of one of the three storey flats on the Wessex Estate, that were once married quarters for British Servicemen and their families.
Change Alley204 viewsThe grubby entrance to Change Alley from Collyer Quay. Nowadays the Alley, though still bearing the name, is a disappointing air-conditioned thoroughfare with smart shops and offices lining the sides.
Collyer Quay202 viewsCollyer Quay during the evening rush hour. The inevitable VW Beetle and a Mercedes, but in those days nearly all other cars were British.
Robinsons geared up for the festive season200 viewsRaffles Place, Christmas 1968, with the original Robinsons geared up for the festive season.
The bank notes we used back in the 1960s197 views
The beginning of Scotts Road194 viewsThe beginning of Scotts Road, taken from the same viewpoint. Today it is all high-rise blocks on both sides.
Bukit Timah Road would often flood191 viewsBukit Timah Road would often flood, especially when the monsoon rains coincided with the tide coming up from the sea. Enterprising Singaporeans would offer to 'push out' vehicles that became stationary in the floodwater, making sure they pushed your exhaust pipe beneath it, ensuring a handsome tip from grateful motorists!
Mr Brian Johns190 viewsMr Brian Johns, another good friend of Bill, taught at Pasir Panjang from 1964 and became deputy head at Nee Soon in 1969. He also was a talented artist and designed the lovely little cameo pictures that accompanied reports of school activities in the magazines.
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