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Alan Cottrell - page 3


Lads’ camping expedition to Mersing Nov. 1966  (L – R) George Paul, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Ken Collins.


Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966. (L – R) Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Ken Collins, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey



Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966. (L – R) George Paul, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, Ken Collins




Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966.  (L – R) Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, Ken Collins, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Dave Keech???, George Paul.




Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966.  George Paul making the tea.




Mersing Nov. 1966.Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon and Ken Collins break camp.


Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966. ‘Spud’ Leavey’s dad’s BMW. It got six of us from Singapore to Mersing and back.




Mersing camping trip Nov. 1966. ‘Spud’ Leavey checks over the car before the return drive to Singapore



St. John’s Upper Sixth Geography Field Trip to Pulau Tioman – July 1967 – setting sail from Mersing (L – R) Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, ????, Keith Dear, Ken Wildon


Approaching Tioman – the weather doesn't look too good




Nearing Tioman – Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey surveys the scene



Ken Wildon watching the coastline and eyeing up Mount Kajang.



Selamat Datang - Welcome to Pulau Tioman



Our quarters on Tioman – fishermen’s huts used for refuge in stormy weather. Keith Gordon on balcony.



Tioman July 1967 (L – R) Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Ken Wilden, Keith Dear, George Paul, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey



Keith Gordon on balcony – Tioman 1967


Tioman 1967 – ablutions were pretty primitive. The toilet was a hole in the jetty 15 feet above the river (downstream from the village).


Ken Wildon shaves in cold water – Tioman 1967


General view of Pulau Tioman 1967


More views of Tioman – 1967. This is the island where South Pacific was filmed.  It is now home to Vietnamese ‘boat people’.


Looking back towards our huts – Tioman 1967


The landing jetty – Pulau Tioman 1967



The ill-fated expedition to climb Mount Kajang – we didn’t even get half way!!       (L – R) Keith Dear, George Paul, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Ken Wildon, Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey.



Back from Kajang after being lost for three days. (L – R) Charles ‘Spud’ Leavey, George Paul, Ken Wildon, Keith Dear, Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon and Willy Taylor (who passed away 4-10-06)



Pulau Tioman – The Village Shop



Ken Wildon and Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon post our cards home watched by a local village boy. The post only went once a week and we arrived home before it did!!!


Return to St. John’s from Tioman – Ella Leavey (Charles’ mum) in foreground. Also visible are Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon, Mr Jones??? Geography teacher directing operations, and George Paul.



More of the return– no-one really recognisable except Mr. Jones (bending over)



Self (Alan Cottrell) and Angela Postles at Nikki McClure’s 16th birthday party – Island View Estate – July 1967.  I believe Nikki is now a G.P. in Brecon, Wales.


The S. S. Oronsay.




My brother Philip Playing in the deck tennis competition aboard S. S. Oronsay. Self and Angela Postles in background




Self (Alan Cottrell) UK circa 1968


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