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Pupils and teachers of the West Coast Infant School taken in September 1970.

on board the RFA Fort Rosalie

This was taken on board an RFA ammunition ship called Fort Rosalie.  On the scan image are the names of some of the children in their own handwriting.  The tall teacher in the middle was the head of the school, and Margaret (a teacher) is on the right.

Margaret said that this little group were about 5-6 years old in September 1970, and that they all left school at the end of term together to return to UK.

West Coast Infants, class 5 - sept 1970

West Coast Inf. class 5 Fort Rosalie Sept 1970

We had a great day on the bum boat out to the ship anchored in the roads, and on the ship itself where we had a party. The children were very young but someone might remember

I remember Simon, Sandra and Josephine on this picture taken after the Fort Rosalie visit by children of class 5 West Coast Infants School

This photo submitted by Chris James (front centre) taken at the West Coast Infants School.  David Robinson is on the right with a girl to his right.  David's father was in the R.A.O.C. and he was in Singapore from 1968 to 1971.  David has said that the girl on the far left with her arm in plaster is Penny Clayton and that the Claytons lived next door to him in Green Leaf Rise, Tanglin.

Thanks to Keith Simpson for these two photos of a Christmas Play. Keith is unsure if it was performed at West Coast in 1967 or the RN School in 1968.  Keith is soldier No 1. 


Karen Wharton - West Coast Infants

Thanks to Karen Wharton for these two photos of the West Coast Infant School

1966 Christmas play. Year 3.

Karen Wharton - West Coast Infants

Karen Wharton (circled) West Coast Infants.  Anybody recognise the other children?

Lynn Smith has identified herself as being in the front centre with the short dark hair.


FARELF Under 10s Junior Football Team.

Under 10s

Thanks to Robert Walker for these two photos taken in 1968/69 of members of the FARELF Junior football teams 

FARELF under 13s Junior Football Team

Under 13s

If you recognise yourself let me know.

Andrew Clark has left a message in the Guest Book to say that he is the Goal Keeper.

Steve Miller said in the Guest Book that " I played in the under 16 team. However, my brother Chris was the captain of the Under 13 team and has the ball in the photograph."




Tengah Primary School Cricket Team - 1970

Mark Wallace (Captain) seated front row, second from right.

Bernie Crossey has identified himself as the Wicketkeeper and says that the teacher was Ed Sweeney.

If you recognise yourself or others in the photo, let us know.

Tengah 1970

Many thanks to Karen Jessop for this photo.  She said "My RAF Tengah school photo that I THINK is 1970 (some of the boys are in your 1970 Cricket Team photo so this may help confirm the year?).  I have a few names in my head but not sure if I am correct Penny Strong, Fiona, Laura (who had a sister called Morag), Lesley ........ sorry no boys names!

I'm sitting 2nd row middle girl KAREN JESSOP  I have a brother Michael Jessop and a sister Julie Jessop.  Parents - Warrant Officer Charles Keith Jessop and mother Cynthia Jessop. We spent 4 years in Singapore returning to the UK, RAF Wittering in 1971."

Ian Kelly is back row, 4th from the left.


Tengah 1968

Tengah 1968

Many thanks to Mark Kieft for these two school photos.  Mark is 2nd left on the back row.

My name is Jeremy Hawkins (Row 2, Nr.1 Left) and my Dad was in the RAOC at the time. I remember going to this RAF school even if my Dad was in the Army. Would be lovely to hear from any one who lived there at that time.

Michael Craighill has said that "Hi I was in Singapore 66-69. I appear on the photo.  Bottom row fourth from right. My dad was M/Plt A.F. Craighill 'Arthur' but known as RED. My mum was D.P. Craighill known as PAT. Both have passed away now."

Tengah 1968

Tengah 1968

Paul Kieft is 3rd from left in the back row.

Changi Junior School, Singapore

Changi Junior School

Thanks to Andrew Barnes for this school photo taken in June 1966.  Andrew is 3rd from the right on the back row.  Andrew lived at 38a Sealand Road, and went onto Secondary School at R A F Seletar, before returning to the UK in May 1967.  Adrian Gallagher has identified himself as being on the back row first right.  Adrian lived at 16b Duxford Road.  Carol Elander informed me that her sister, Christine Spillane is the last pupil on the far right of the middle row.  They got posted to RAF Brize Norton after Singas.

Changi Juniors 1966

My thanks to Wayne Killington, First right on the back row, whose father was with 41 squadron RNZAF.  He thinks this photo was taken in late 1966 and that he was in standard 4, and that he was in one of class rooms in the background of photo.  He was the only New Zealander in the class.

Changi Infants 1965

Thanks to Keith Egan for these next three school photos.  His brother, Raymond Egan is front row first on the right.  Their father, Gordon was in the Royal Air Force and they lived at 5 Siglap Drive, Frankel estate

Keith Egan's other photos can be seen in the RAF Changi section.

Changi 1965

Marion Egan is front row in the middle.

Changi 1965

Keith Egan is middle row next to the teacher.

Changi 1965/66

Thanks to Julia Norcross for this photo of Miss Lane's 1B1 Class in 1965 or possibly 1966.  Julia is on the middle row 4th from right.  Pat, her best friend is second from right.

Angela Gamblen was Coggon has identified herself sitting on the front row 4th from left.

Changi 1968 or 69

Thanks to Perry Gamsby for this photo.  Perry said "I am third from the left, back row. I think the teacher was Miss Vaughan.  The father of the black girl in the middle row was a RAF medic, he set my broken nose for me, did a super job. One of the girls is Penelope Duff-Dixon, remember the name but that is all."

Changi Junior School Football Team

My Thanks to Martin Woodward for this photo of Changi Junior school football team of 1958/59.  Martin said - I am third from the left of the photo at the back standing I can only recall the name of the head teacher Mr Roberts who is standing on the far right of the photo I was aged 13 at the time.

My father Jack Woodward was a flight Sergeant in the RAF at that time and I lived with my mother Isobel in Manston Road Changi

I wonder if any one can recall any one in this photo.

Seletar Junior School

Thanks to Robert Hadden for this photo.  Robert thinks that this photo was taken in 1964. Robert was in Singapore during 1962 to 1965 with his dad Chief Tech Joe Hadden, his mum Gwen and brother Mick and lived at 2 Edgeware Rd RAF Seletar.

Hugh Duff has identified himself as being on the middle row 1st left, with the Beatle haircut.  David Rawson has said that he is standing to the left of the teacher.

Seletar Junior School

Thanks to Hugh Duff for this photo.  Many of these children appear in Robert Hadden's Class Photo.  David Rawson is the tallest pulling the funny face.

Seletar Junior School

Thanks to Steve Charters for this photo of his class at Seletar Junior School 1963/65.

Seletar Junior School 1967

Thanks to Judith Hanson for both this photo and the next one.  Judith was in Singapore from late 1966 to 1969 and attended both Seletar Juniors and Seletar Secondary School.

Barry Hope has identified himself standing between Greg and Trev.

Seletar Junior School Fair 1967



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