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Keith Egan


Thanks to Keith Egan for these family photos from his time in Singapore.  Keith's father was in a corporal in the RAF regiment 26 Squadron, and lived in Singapore from October 1964 - January 1967 at 5 Siglap Drive, Frankel Estate.  Continue to page 2
Mick born in Singapore

brother Mick born  November 1966 in Singapore

Christine - back row on the right

sister Christine back row on the right

Keith with sister Christine

Keith with sister Christine


brother Colin


Keith in pj`s


Keith ready for school

Keith ready for school

Keith with mum (Iris)

Keith with mum (Iris) 

Raymond with mum

Raymond with mum

mum and dad (Gordon and Iris)

mum & dad (Gordon & Iris).


brother Tony


sister Jackie

Jackie with friend Jill

sister Jackie with friend Jill



sister Jackie

mum Iris dad Gordon and friend in middle

mum Iris dad Gordon & friend in middle

Dad 4th going left to right

Dad 4th going left to right

dad Gordon standing on the right

dad Gordon standing on the right

Mum back right, sister Christine back left, sister Jackie front right and friend Jill front left

Mum back right, sister Christine back left, sister Jackie front right & friend Jill front left

Brother Ray on the right a Xmas party

Brother Ray big head on the right at Xmas party

Ray, Keith with mum 5th and 6th on the left - Xmas party

Ray, Keith with mum 5th & 6th on the left Xmas party

Christine and brother Ray on the left

sister Christine & brother Ray on the left

Jackie with sister Marion, finger in mouth and brother Tony to the right

sister Jackie with sister Marion finger in mouth & brother Tony to the right

Jackie's friend Jill

Jackie`s friend Jill

friend do not recall name

friends do not recall names

friends do not recall name

friends do not recall names

British Eagle

British eagle aeroplane

Tiger Balm Gardens

Wedding Car

wedding car




My thanks to Keith for letting me know about these three videos from his friend John Eastwell.  John's father Terry was in the RAF.  The videos show RAF Changi 1964/67, Tiger Balm Garden, Singapore, RAF Changi Family Day - this part as well as swimming pool & Beach show a lot of children from that time. 


Some Singapore stamps from a collection that belonged to my brother Colin. Sadly Colin was killed in a R.A.F helicopter crash in Belize in 1976 aged 22, he went to school in Singapore but mum not sure which one.


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