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Martin Randall


Thanks to Martin Randall for these photos from his fathers collection.  Martin's father served two tours of duty in Singapore, 1954/57 and 1959/62.

Our Amha's name was we think Lucy Chia Yoke Cheng.  If she, her family or anybody that recognises her, can put us in touch we'd be very grateful.

Lloyd Lees

Prince George's Park senior officers quarters overlooking the sea off Pasir Panjang Road.  These houses are still around and belong to the National University of Singapore. 

Upper East Coast Road where it meets Jalan Haji Salam.  The white arch leads to a well-known restaurant in the 1950s. Photo - July 1955

Bedok 1955

Queen Elizabeth Walk

Families Centre

Hock Lam Street circa 1955-62

Kranji War Cemetery

Lightning 1956

Location and date unknown

Location and date unknown

Location and date unknown

Possibly a Malay wedding

RAF Police Dog Section - Changi 1955

RAF Police Dogs - Changi 1955

RAF Police Dog Handlers - Changi 1955

RAF Police Dog - Changi 1955

Sultan Abu Makar Mosque - JB 1955/6

Written on the back of this photo is "Children's Christmas Party 1956 - Family's club"

Martin's  father, Brian (Gerry) Randall is rear Right.  If you recognise any one else in this photo, please email