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RAF Changi - page 2


My thanks to Allan MacKinnon who was stationed at RAF Changi 1964/66 for these photos.

Accounts Sq RAF Changi

Boys night out at the Chalet Club

and again

Changi Creek

Photos of Changi Creek as it is today

Changi Swimming Pool

Entrance to RAF Changi

Allan MacKinnon 1966 - Radio Tower Changi

Padang RAF Changi with Chalet Club in the background

Station HQ's RAF Changi

The famed Pick-up Taxi

WRAF Block RAF Changi

Entrance to Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm Gardens


My thanks to Anthony Rickard for these five photos.

RAF Changi Officers’ Club – I believe NYE 1959

Flt/lt C D “Tex” Rickard, Mrs Leonie Rickard, Flt/lt C D “Don” Thieme

The Three Must Get Beers – first prize was a case of champagne;  which was duly stolen from the unlocked boot of the Rickards’ Jowett Javelin when they all stopped at Bedok Corner for a late snack on the way home… note modified flying boots!

Don, Lee and Cyril


Cyril Rickard


Chua Boon Hwa, Daughter and Granddaughter.

Here is one of our Amah, Boon Hwa, who looked after my brother and me – and the parents – during our stay in Singapore between 1957 and January 1960, during which time we lived at East Coast Drive, Roseburn Avenue and finally at Lloyd Leas.

Anthony would love to hear from anyone who recognises  Boon Hwa and her family

The Egg Lady doing business with Chua Boon Hwa, our Amah - 27/11/57.



My thanks to Diana Douglas for these three photos.  Diana's father was posted to Changi in 1958 and left in 1961.  Diana attended Changi Grammar School.

The house in Frankel Avenue

Views of the Officer's Club, where most afternoons were spent

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