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Peter Todd


My thanks to Peter Todd for these photos.  Peter says that "I lived there between 1965 to 1967. My farther was a Sgt in the RAF Regiment with 26 sqnd base at Telok Paku Changi.  We lived at Carmen Street, Siglap,  Opera Estate."

View of Carmen Street, looking down to Lakme Terrace towards kampong.


Family = Valarie  Mum (Dorothy) Gillian. Front row Richard, Me (Peter) Phillip

The school photo was from my sister Valarie’s school (Seletar Secondary Modern) with two of her friends, Malcolm Westwood and Julie McGill.

Mandy Greenwell lived next door.

Xmas party, with Gillian and 2 brothers

Xmas party, I am in middle two brothers, to my right and my dad with camera at back, do not remember any of the others.


Lin supplies was our general food suppler


This was the restaurant we used all the time in Changi.

The following photos were taken on a return visit to Singapore in 1987

This is the house we use to live in back in 65. Looks a lot more posh now

View of Carmen St from Fidelio St.

View of Carmen St looking towards Fidelio St.

View of Carmen Terrace from Carmen St.

View of Tosca Terrace from Carmen St.

Changi Village.

Jim Wee’s restaurant on Siglap Rd. Back in 65 this is where I had my first taste of Nasi Goreng.

Boats with Changi steps behind.  Looking at the condition of these boats it looks like they were the same ones we used in 65.